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Image of the Children's gift and links to larger images. Outside cover of first "card" Inside of first card Back side of first "card" Front cover of second "card" back cover of second "card" image of 3 twenty dolalr food card from big Y Inside of second "card" Link to the Sunday School website page at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church


Last year I was given a gift by the Children of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church.
It came when I was out of the Hospital and Rehab but had no money since I had lost my job.
I was hungry and a bit dejected. Only in December of 2009 could I bring myself to write of this great gift.
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Each "card" was about 24 inches high and about 3 feet across when opened out.
Each little child "signed" the card with thier hand print. I cried a lot, since I have no children of my own.
AND over $60 in gift cards at Big Y were given to me to buy food with!
(plus 5 other cards were found by Big Y to contain $15 each or $75 in food and grocieries)

The total monitary gifts in the cards was over $135.00

Just when you think you are down, God blesses us!

The unbridled love of a child is something ALL of us should emulate every day!.

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