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charlies image in a circle frame and link to his college email

This Additonal Page for Charlie Knight was created around Pascha AD2011

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777 christian browsing   Amaya   aol   Arachnophilia    Avant   Arora  bassed on chrome   Chrome   Crazy   Fire-fox   the slim browser by FlashPeak   Flock   Gay-Web   Green web browser thourgh more-quick   Heat-Seek  adult content browser   Internet-Explorer   I-Q   Juno   Kids-Netr safe christian browser    Konqueror   Lunascape   Lynx   Neo-Planet    Netscape  fter AOL bought netscape they ceased production of it, and now they are just a footnote in the internet world  Charlie still thinks Netscape is a good browser but uses Firefox mostly himself.   Net-surf is currently NOT for windows or Mac OS, it is a Linux browser   Opera   Safari   Sea-Monkey   Sleipnir   Spider-Web  this might not be the right urls  this is a no frills browser   World  browser might no longer be availabel    
 Alexa    ali babba   all the web  alta vista   aol search now powered by google so watch out   Ask  used to be ask jeaves   bing   bit junkie   cuil   dog-pile   Eve Knows   excite   flix flux   galaxy   giga blast  Go Disney   Google   hot bot   Kompass   MS live search   Lycos   TEK    - Knowledge Equals Power   Yahoo
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 wrrnz    atbel    css-w3t     bed # 54      switching     GCSF   TMTS   JB2  TM-Pink   SW-Pink  GPSPink !  

Click Here for the RAINVILLE page

Gifts from the Church Nursery School children last year        Physical Therapy, etc. papers


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This is a page to put things on the web for people to see. It was put together by Chas.  Click on the girl to find out how you can start a website.     girl with laptop and link to tripod/lycos websie creation page

 Online girl with link to local distance education     Click on the girl to the left to see about educational opportunities online close to zip code 01105.